Helping Utilities Reap the Rewards of Renewable Energy

At ESS Inc., we’re encouraged by the increased amount of renewable energy penetration across the grid. We know that, with wind and solar energy storage deployments growing up to 46% year-over-year, electric utilities need alternatives to lithium-ion that are clean, resilient and have long operating lifetimes. Our iron flow battery, the EW, offers more than double the operating lifetime and cycle capacity of lithium-ion battery storage systems, with a non-flammable chemistry and minimal maintenance requirements.

The EW can help utilities defer major capital expenditures on distribution equipment by time shifting—storing energy during times of lower demand or excess supply and releasing energy when demand peaks. Utilities can easily communicate with the EW systems installed at end-user sites to dynamically manage customer electricity consumption in response to current electricity supplies. Our innovative energy storage systems also help with frequency regulation and other ancillary services and, furthermore, can reduce a utility’s dependence on fossil fuel generation plants, shifting to a more sustainable model over time.